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Am­mann, that pro­duces as­phalt and con­crete mix­ing plants, com­pactors and as­phalt pavers at nine pro­duc­tion sites in Europe, China, In­dia, and Brazil, has its core ex­per­tise in road build­ing and trans­porta­tion in­fra­struc­ture. Cor­rob­o­rat­ing the com­pany’s claim that its ABA UniBatch As­phalt-Mix­ing Plant uti­lizes re­cy­cled as­phalt, mak­ing op­er­a­tions very eco­nom­i­cal, is Sid­dharth Shah, Di­rec­tor of Ahmed­abad-based RKC In­frabuilt, who as­serts, “Am­mann ABA UniBatch As­phalt-Mix­ing Plant is very eco­nom­i­cal as com­pared to all other plants. We have been sav­ing great amounts and we have the num­bers to prove it.”

An abil­ity to utilise re­cy­cled as­phalt (RAP) in place of fresh ag­gre­gate is the key cost saver, plus, ABA UniBatch is able to main­tain high mix qual­ity while re­pur­pos­ing the RAP. “The plant pro­vides ex­cel­lent as­phalt mix,” agrees Shah. “The bag­house is amaz­ing. The drum is good for re­cy­cled as­phalt as well. These are the rea­sons why we bought this plant.” An­other spe­cific rea­son why RKC chose the ABA UniBatch was the plant’s abil­ity to add hot and cold re­cy­cling ma­te­rial. There is a grow­ing de­mand for the use of RAP in In­dia, so the plant is a good fit for the In­dian mar­ket. It’s an ex­am­ple of a plant that is built in In­dia, for that par­tic­u­lar mar­ket, but also utilises Eu­ro­pean tech­nol­ogy.

The plant can also ac­cess a foam gen­er­a­tor that pro­duces as­phalt at a re­duced tem­per­a­ture. This low-tem­per­a­ture as­phalt (called “warm as­phalt” in In­dia) has the same qual­ity as a tra­di­tional mix but re­quires less fuel to pro­duce. Emis­sions are lower too, and the paving crew is more com­fort­able work­ing with the lower tem­per­a­ture mix.

Ac­cord­ing to Shah, the ‘in­tu­itive na­ture’ of Am­mann’s pro­pri­etary as1 Con­trol Sys­tem makes pro­duc­tion of all the mixes pos­si­ble. “The as1 is an amaz­ing soft­ware. I’ve never seen such a soft­ware be­fore. It gives you a to­tal de­scrip­tion of the en­tire plant,” he says.

What also pleased Shah is the fact that the ABA UniBatch meets the ex­pected pro­duc­tion lev­els. “Am­mann is the only provider that keeps its promised plant ca­pac­i­ties,” claims Shah.

RKC, which re­quired high pro­duc­tion on some large-scale road build­ing projects, is pleased that the plant pro­duced 1,30,000 tons in less than 100 days.

Mart­inho Fer­nan­des, the com­mer­cial man­ager for Am­mann and Apollo plants in In­dia, has re­viewed many plants around the world, and is of­ten able to put down

num­bers on the ef­fi­cien­cies and cost sav­ings of ABA UniBatch plants.

The ABA UniBatch can de­velop mix that utilises upto 40% hot RAP and 25% cold RAP. It also of­fers a foam mix op­tion and solid ad­di­tives.

Up­time of the RKC plant is close to 100%. Parts life is ex­tended by 25% be­cause of ABA UniBatch’s ad­vanced met­al­lurgy. The di­rect-drive sys­tem of gear mo­tors re­duces power con­sump­tion by 10% and main­te­nance by 20%.

Re­search and de­vel­op­ment has led to green tech­nol­ogy ef­forts, in­clud­ing an ef­fi­cient burner and bag­house that en­sure less than 20 mg/Nm3. This also pro­vides cus­tomers with ad­di­tional car­bon cred­its. Ac­cord­ing to Fer­nan­des, the plant is ready for the next round of chal­lenges. “The ABA UniBatch is also ‘fu­ture ready,’ mean­ing, cus­tomers can eas­ily in­cor­po­rate new tech­nol­ogy as it be­comes avail­able,” he says.

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Sid­dharth-Shah, Di­rec­tor at RKC In­frabuilt Pvt. Ltd.

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