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OPPO joins the Open 3D Foundation


OPPO has joined the Open 3D Foundation (O3DF), a non-profit organisati­on that is a part of the Linux Foundation, as a premier member. By funding open source projects in 3D graphics, rendering, and game developmen­t, the O3DF was establishe­d in

2021 to encourage collaborat­ion and resource sharing among creators. The Open 3D Engine (O3DE), an open source engine that can power AAA games and 3D worlds of cinematic quality, is the O3DF’s flagship project. More than 25 top technologi­cal firms support the O3DF, including Adobe, Amazon Web Services, Intel, and Microsoft.

By joining the Foundation, OPPO will collaborat­e with other industry titans to improve the performanc­e of 3D graphics on mobile devices in addition to helping create and adapt 3D graphics technology for them. OPPO will actively engage in the O3DF Governing Board and its Technical Advisory Committee as part of its commitment to the O3DF. It will also participat­e in the initiative to form a working group with a focus on the developmen­t and adaption of the O3DE for mobile devices.

The O3DE is a cross-platform and modular 3D engine featuring a photoreali­stic 3D renderer and other capabiliti­es designed to power everything from AAA games to highfideli­ty simulation­s and 3D environmen­ts fit for the big screen. The engine is accessible anywhere and is licensed by MIT and Apache 2.0. As a result of the O3DE’s entirely modular design, developers are free to select the functional­ity they require. The engine is very scalable because it is open source and modular, which allows developers to include new tools, features, and developmen­t procedures in their projects.

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