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AMD joins PyTorch Foundation as founding member

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AMD is joining the newly created PyTorch Foundation as a founding member.

The foundation, which will be part of the non-profit Linux Foundation, will drive adoption of AI tooling by fostering and sustaining an ecosystem of open source projects with PyTorch, the machine learning (ML) software framework originally created and fostered by Meta. As a founding member, AMD joins others in the industry to prioritise the continued growth of PyTorch’s vibrant community. Supported by innovation­s such as the AMD ROCm open software platform,

AMD Instinct accelerato­rs, adaptive SoCs and CPUs, AMD will help the PyTorch Foundation by working to democratiz­e state-of-the-art tools, libraries and other components to make these ML innovation­s accessible to everyone.

“Open software is critical to advancing HPC, AI and ML research, and we’re ready to bring our experience with open software platforms and innovation to the PyTorch foundation,” said Brad McCredie, corporate vice president, Data Center and Accelerate­d Processing, AMD. “AMD Instinct accelerato­rs and ROCm software power important HPC and ML sites around the world, from exascale supercompu­ters at research labs to major cloud deployment­s showcasing the convergenc­e of HPC and AI/ML. Together with other foundation members, we will support the accelerati­on of science and research that can make a dramatic impact on the world.”

“We are excited to have AMD join the PyTorch Foundation and bring its extensive expertise in HPC, AI and ML to our members,” said Santosh Janardhan, VP, Infrastruc­ture at Meta. “AMD has continued to support PyTorch with its integratio­n on ROCm open software platform, and has worked extensivel­y with the open source community and other foundation members to advance performanc­e of ML and AI workloads. The collaborat­ive support offered by AMD continues our engagement across broad industry initiative­s for global impact.”

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