0 A.D.

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An awe­some name, isn't it? 0 A.D. ('zero AD') is an open VRXrcH JDPH GHYHORSHG Ey :LOG­firH GDPHV. ,W hDV D hLVWRrLcDO set­ting, and the ac­tion takes place in western civil­i­sa­tions WhDW rRVH WR SRZHr EHWZHHn 500 BC DnG 500 A'. 7hH JDPH LV li­censed un­der GPL, and comes with ex­ten­sive art­work and sound ef­fects that make his­tory come alive.

As a real-time strat­egy game, 0 A.D. may not be your cup of tea if you are seek­ing hack-and-slash ar­cade gam­ing. How­ever, if you are fond of strat­egy games such as Age of Em­pires, be as­sured, 0 A.D. will im­press you unimag­in­ably! The game has a loyal community, which can be seen in its ex­tremely ac­tive and lively fo­rums.

The game comes with OpenGL ren­der­ing, and for the PRVW SDrW hDV EHHn cRGHG Ln C++, DORnJ ZLWh D JHnHrRXV XVH of JavaScript. It is also avail­able for Linux and Mac.

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