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If you are look­ing for some fun and a com­edy-based ac­tion game, look no fur­ther than Hedge­wars! It is a turn- based strat­egy game, wherein you com­mand a team of Hedge­hog sol­diers and wage war against the en­emy. The land­scape of the game is in­no­va­tive and di­verse, rang­ing from the depths of so-called Hell to the deep­est and far­thest points of the uni­verse. The game has 22 dif­fer­ent en­vi­ron­ments, 47 hi­lar­i­ously funny weapons and 18 game mod­i­fiers. vou can also cus­tomise it to your heart's con­tent—when choos­ing your army, you are pre­sented with over 120 cos­tumes, 12 forts and over 100 flags. Still need more

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