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A project is a set of tasks per­formed by re­sources. Tasks have a du­ra­tion, with de­pen­den­cies be­tween them. When us­ing a PM tool such as GanttPro­ject, al­ways re­mem­ber to use the tool's ca­pa­bil­ity to sched­ule the task, in­stead of en­ter­ing the start and end dates. The ideal way to en­ter tasks is to en­ter the task name and its du­ra­tion, and link to its pre­de­ces­sor or suc­ces­sor. The start and end dates are com­puted by the tool based on de­pen­dent tasks, their du­ra­tion, re­source avail­abil­ity dur­ing that time, and com­pany work­ing days.

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