Full-disk en­cryp­tion

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A com­pletely dif­fer­ent an­i­mal, full-disk en­cryp­tion is said to be a more se­cure al­ter­na­tive to a con­tainer-based ap­proach. You can ei­ther en­crypt whole par­ti­tions (Win­dows or oth­er­wise), or a full phys­i­cal disk. What TrueCrypt will do in this case is place its own boot-loader, which will al­low boot­ing Win­dows off the en­crypted par­ti­tion (should you choose to en­crypt your sys­tem/Win­dows par­ti­tion or your whole drive). Please note that the pro­ce­dure out­lined be­low is meant only if you have Okb oper­at­ing sys­tem—if you have a multi-boot sys­tem, pro­ceed at your own risk as data loss can oc­cur. bn­crypt­ing sys­tems with mul­ti­ple oper­at­ing sys­tems re­quires a sep­a­rate ar­ti­cle, and is be­yond the scope of this one.

The ini­tial steps are sim­i­lar to cre­at­ing a con­tainer; start TrueCrypt, and click Cre­ate Vol­ume. Here, se­lect Op­tion 2 or 3, de­pend­ing on whether you want to en­crypt the Win­dows par­ti­tion or drive; or se­lect a par­ti­tion only. Let’s se­lect Op­tion 3 ( En­crypt the sys­tem par­ti­tion or en­tire sys­tem drive) for this ex­am­ple, to en­crypt the Win­dows (‘sys­tem’) par­ti­tion. TrueCrypt may then prompt for ex­tra de­tails— se­lect Nor­mal mode and then choose ‘ En­crypt the Win­dows sys­tem par­ti­tion’ on the next screen.

At this stage, you will be asked for the type of boot HnYLrRnPHnW yRu wDnW FRn­fig­urHd ()LgurH 4). 6HOHFW Sin­gle Boot and press Next. On the En­cryp­tion Op­tions screen, keep the de­fault (AbS) en­cryp­tion al­go­rithm, just as you did ear­lier. Sub­se­quently, en­ter a pass­word, and in the next step, gen­er­ate some ran­dom­ness by whizzing the mouse pointer over the di­a­logue, as be­fore.

Since you are deal­ing with the Win­dows par­ti­tion, TrueCrypt will prompt you to cre­ate a res­cue disc for a ‘rainy day’. Let’s cre­ate one, and pro­ceed through the wizard, which will ask you to Burn (see Fig­ure 5) and Ver­ify the disk. Once WhH YHrL­fiFDWLRn LV FRPSOHWH, yRu FDn FRnWLnuH.

At the next screen, se­lect the wipe mode to deal with free space (Fig­ure S). I chose to leave it at None. Continue the wizard,

Fig­ure 4: Se­lect the sin­gle-boot op­tion

Fig­ure 3: Ran­domis­ing en­cryp­tion keys, for­mat­ting vol­ume

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