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In­clude the fol­low­ing li­braries in the Web ap­pli­ca­tion CLA663A7H, L.H., :(B-,1)/OLE or LQ VHrvHr OHvHO CLASS­PATH: Core li­brary ( hGiv-cRrH-2.x.MDr) Tags li­brary ( hGiv-VWruWV-2.0.x.MDr). The de­ploy­ment de­scrip­tor for the Tags li­brary is hGivWDgV.WOG, which ex­tends the be­hav­iour and syn­tax of Struts Gener­ics Tags and HTML tags in or­der to achieve data LQWHJrLWy DQG FoQ­fiGHQWLDOLWy. 7o XVH WhH WDJV IroP WhLV OLErDry, add the fol­low­ing di­rec­tive to the top of your gSP page:

<%@ taglib pre­fix="form" uri="" %>

Here, IRrm LV WhH WDJ QDPH SrH­fix Wo EH XVHG LQ orGHr Wo DGG D QHw hLGGHQ fiHOG FoQWDLQLQJ _HD,V_STAT(, which will be sent to the client.

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