Mem­ory strat­egy

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In this strat­egy, the state of each re­quest is stored in the user ses­sion at the server end only, with­out any en­cryp­tion or en­cod­ing, and is not sent to the client. Only a re­quest LGHQWL­fiHr LV VHQW Wo WhH FOLHQW, whLFh FDQ ODWHr EH XVHG Wo rHFovHr WhH rHTXHVW VWDWH. BHIorH LQLWLDOLVLQJ vDOLGDWLoQ, H',9 oEWDLQV WhH rHTXHVW LGHQWL­fiHr (DQG WhXV, WhH ,SWDWH ob­ject) from the user ses­sion. From here on, val­i­da­tion is the same as the above strate­gies. The mem­ory strat­egy also pro­vides both data LQWHJrLWy DQG FoQ­fiGHQWLDOLWy.

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