Blog­ging the Way Hack­ers Do, with Oc­to­press

There are a plethora of pop­u­lar blog­ging plat­forms avail­able to choose from—Blog­ger, Word­press and Pos­ter­ous, to name a few. These have achieved con­sid­er­able main­stream suc­cess, and host mil­lions of blogs on­line. Lots of peo­ple adore these op­tions, but fo

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With the in­nu­mer­able ex­ist­ing plat­forms, you might be tempted to con­sider Oc­to­press as ‘yet an­other’ other’ bORJJLQJ IUDPHwRUN. ThLV LV GH­fiQLWHOy QRW WhH case, since Oc­to­press is fun­da­men­tally dif­fer­ent from other frame­works in its phi­los­o­phy and ap­proach to­wards blog­ging. og­ging.

Oc­to­press is built with Jekyll, a static site gen­er­a­tor. r. The idea be­hind Jekyll is very sim­ple and el­e­gant. It takes kes a tem­plate direc­tory as an in­put, runs a parser on it, and d gen­er­ates a sim­ple static HTML web­site. This pro­vides s Oc­to­press with sev­eral ad­van­tages, but re­stricts it to a web­site with static con­tent. How­ever, this is not much of a re­stric­tion for blog­ging, as there is hardly any dy­namic con­tent as­so­ci­ated with the task. With Oc­to­press, there is no code and data­base in­volved, no caching and scal­ing is­sues to deal with—and, as you will dis­cover as you ex­plore fur­ther, with di­teub Pages, no host­ing fee to pay as well! You get a pow­er­ful, easy to cus­tomise, easy to mi­grate, mo­bil­ere­spon­sive blog. Last, but not the least, it gives you the VDWLVIDFWLRQ RI ORRNLQJ DW yRXU bORJ SRVWV DV WHxW fiOHV, DQG QRW as ta­ble at­tributes in a data­base.

Oc­to­press al­lows you to blog from the com­fort of your favourite text ed­i­tor and shell. If the CLI is your bread and but­ter, the ex­pe­ri­ence will be amaz­ing. How­ever, if you are QRW FRPIRUWDbOH wLWh WhH GLW wRUNflRw RU wLWh wRUNLQJ RQ WhH com­mand line, Oc­to­press might not be the best choice for you.

Now you need to in­stall the de­pen­den­cies. Grab bundler, which helps in manag­ing pack­age (known as gems in Ruby) de­pen­den­cies for a Ruby ap­pli­ca­tion.

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