Linux 3.7 gets 64-bit ARM sup­port

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While the re­lease of Linux 3.6 is mak­ing waves in the open source cir­cuit, Li­nus Tor­valds has merged sup­port for 64-bit ARM ar­chi­tec­ture for ver­sion 3.7 into WKH PDLQ /LQXx NHUQHO GHvHORSPHQW WUHH. 2IfiFLDOOy NQRZQ DV $$UFK64, VHvHUDO re­quests by ker­nel de­vel­op­ers led to the code for the ar­chi­tec­ture be­ing placed in a sep­a­rate arch/arm64/ direc­tory in the ker­nel source code.

Pre­vi­ously, it had been re­ported that a set of 36 patches was re­leased by an em­ployee at ARM, named Catalin Mari­nas, which would ex­tend the Linux ker­nel to pro­vide sup­port for ARM's AArch64 64-bit ar­chi­tec­ture. Ac­cord­ingly, this 64bit ARM sup­port was to be pro­vided by the ARMv8 in­struc­tion set, as an­nounced LQ WKH DXWXPQ RI 2011. ,W ZDV HxSHFWHG WR EH fiUVW XVHG LQ SURFHVVRUV LQ 2014.

By late 2012, Ap­plied Mi­cro Cir­cuits Cor­po­ra­tion (AMCC) is expected to be com­ing up with its first sam­ple chips on 64-bit ARM cores. Along with this, a patch col­lec­tion will be in­te­grated in the main Linux de­vel­op­ment tree, which boots on a range of dif­fer­ent 32-bit ARM plat­forms that are to be built.

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