A quick re­cap of Pand­aboard and Opencv

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I HAvE Cov­ErED tH­EsE topICs In prE­vI­ous Ar­tI­ClEs, so I'll rE­quEst you to rEIEr to EAr­lIEr Is­suEs Ior DE­tAIls. All I'll sAy HErE Is tHAt PAnD­ABoArD Is An opEn sourCE Em­BED­DED DEvEl­op­mEnt BoArD BAsED on tHE TExAs In­stru­mEnts OMAP 4470 plAtIorm, wHICH sup­ports vAr­I­ous LInux DIs­trI­Bu­tIons. In­CI­DEn­tAlly, Its prICE HAs now DroppED to $153, wHIlE tHE PAnD­ABoArD ES vEr­sIon Is AvAIl­ABlE Ior $162.

OpEnCV Is onE oI tHE worlD's most pop­u­lAr Com­putEr vI­sIon lI­BrArIEs, IrEE Ior Com­mEr­CIAl AnD rE­sEArCH usE. THE lAt­Est vEr­sIon (2.4.2) Also HAs sup­port Ior KInECt.

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