My ‘must-read book’ for this month


This month’s must-read book sug­ges­tion comes from our reader kethra­vathi. She sug­gests a clas­sic com­puter sci­ence book: ‘A ais­ci­pline of Pro­gram­ming’ by Eds­ger W ai­jk­stra. kethra­vathi says that “…this is an es­sen­tial book to un­der­stand pro­gram­ming from the math­e­mat­i­cal for­mal­ism per­spec­tive. It builds a frame­work for build­ing ‘cor­rect’ pro­grams and how to rea­son about ‘cor­rect’ pro­grams. While this is not an easy book to read, I would sug­gest it to any­one who is se­ri­ously in­ter­ested in pro­gram­ming for­mally”. Thank you, kethra­vathi, for your sug­ges­tion!

If you have a favourite pro­gram­ming bookLar­ti­cle that you think is a must-read for ev­ery pro­gram­mer, please do send me a note with the book’s name, and a short writeup on why you think it is use­ful, so I can men­tion it in the col­umn. This would help many read­ers who want to im­prove their cod­ing skills.

If you have any favourite pro­gram­ming puzzles that you would like to dis­cuss on this fo­rum, please send them to me, along with your so­lu­tions and feed­back, at s~ndy~sm_ AT_y~hoo_alT_­com. Till we meet again next month, happy pro­gram­ming—and here’s wish­ing you a very happy new year in ad­vance!

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