Us­ing ‘vi’ com­mands on your ter­mi­nal

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rs­ing ‘vi’ com­mands while work­ing on the ter­mi­nal is a good work en­abler. To set your ter­mi­nal to ‘vi’ mode, you need to use the fol­low­ing com­mand:

set -o vi

kow you can use the com­mand mode and the in­sert mode of ‘vi’ while work­ing on the ter­mi­nal.

—Dipjy­oti Ghosh, dipjy­[email protected]

# es­peak -p 80 “hello how are you” …(de­fault be­ing 50) Is­su­ing the fol­low­ing form of the com­mand will con­trol the speed of the speech, in terms of words per minute:

# es­peak -s 80 “hello how are you”

There are more in­ter­est­ing op­tions avail­able in the man pages.

—San­jay Goswami, san­jay­[email protected]

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