6. Apache Web server

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Apache has been the most pop­u­lar Web server since April 1VV6 and hosts nearly 60 per cent of Web do­mains. It has been UHOHDVHG XQGHU WKH ASDFKH /LFHQVH DQG GRHVQ'W UHTXLUH PRGL­fiHG ver­sions to be dis­trib­uted un­der the same li­cence. Its features areW Though devel­oped for UNIXJ­like OSs, it also runs on Win­dows, jac OS X and oth­ers. Com­mon lan­guage in­ter­faces sup­port PHP, Perl, Tcl and Python. Vir­tual host­ing al­lows one Apache in­stal­la­tion to serve many dif­fer­ent web­sites. 6XSSRUWV SDVVZRUG DXWKHQWLFDWLRQ DQG GLJLWDO FHUWL­fiFDWH au­then­ti­ca­tion. As its source code is avail­able, you can mod­ify it ac­cord­ing to your needs, if you know what you are do­ing. Other features in­clude Se­cure Sock­ets Layer, Trans­port /DyHU 6HFXULWy VXSSRUW, D U5/ UH-ZULWHU DQG FXVWRP ORJ fiOHV.

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