9. Filezilla

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Filewilla is a free and open source FTP, FTPS and SFTP FOLHQW. ,W LV DOVR DYDLODEOH DV D VHUYHU LI yRX ZDQW WR PDNH fiOHV avail­able to oth­ers, but this works for Win­dows only. Cre­ated in Jan­uary 2001 by Tim hlosse as a class project, Filewilla KDV JRQH RQ WR EHFRPH WKH fiIWK PRVW SRSXODU GRZQORDG RI DOO time from Source­Forge.net. Its most im­por­tant features areW Sup­ports FTP, FTP over SSLLTLS (FTPS) and SSH File Trans­fer Pro­to­col (SFTP). Be­ing crossJ­plat­form, it runs on Win­dows, Linux, GBSD, jac OS X and more. 6XSSRUWV UHVXPH DQG WUDQVIHU RI fiOHV ODUJHU WKDQ 4 *B.

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