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The most ob­vi­ous part of the jOOC is the videos, which have to be brief and en­gag­ing. hhan Academy is a great ex­am­ple. Sal­man hhan's pre­sen­ta­tion on TED talks is an ex­cel­lent re­source for un­der­stand­ing why and how th­ese videos worked. It seems so ob­vi­ous, in ret­ro­spect, that you won­der why no one had done it ear­lier. Un­sur­pris­ingly, the rad­i­cal change had to come from out­side the com­mu­nity of educators!

To make such videos, the pri­mary tools you will need are screen cap­ture soft­ware, a sketch­ing pro­gram and a tablet. In or­der to en­sure that you do not have too many 're­takes', you will need video edit­ing soft­ware. Although desk­top record­ing tools will let you record the VFUHHQ DQG DuGLR VLPuOWDQHRuVOy, yRu PDy fiQG LW PRUH ef­fec­tive to cre­ate sep­a­rate tracks for screen cap­ture and au­dio, and then mix them.

YRu FDQ fiQG D QuPEHU RI RSHQ VRuUFH DQG Linux op­tions for each of the re­quired soft­ware. oecord­ing a desk­top ses­sion on Linux is easy with record­my­desk­top. For sound edit­ing, Au­dac­ity is the de­fault op­tion. For video edit­ing, the op­tions in­clude

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