How to run Code­gen

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2QFH yRX hDYH WhH IUDPHZRUN FRQ­fiJXUHG, UXQQLQJ CRGHJHQ Ls sWUDLJhWIRUZDUG. 7R FRQ­fiJXUH WhH IUDPHZRUN, yRX QHHG WR open the 'LQCOXGeV/CRQ­figXUDWLRQ/CRQ­figXUDWLRQ.LQC.ShS.VDmSOe' fiOH DQG FhDQJH WhH YDOXHs IRU __DOCROOT__, __VIRTUAL_ DIRECTORY__ and __SUBDIRECTORY__. Also, you need to set the data­base pa­ram­e­ters in DB_CONNECTION_1. "Af­ter mak­ing WhH FhDQJHs, sDYH WhH fiOH Ds 'LQFOXGHs/FRQ­fiJXUDWLRQ/FRQ­fiJXUDWLRQ. inc.php. Now, you need to open the base nCubed in­stal­la­tion ad­dress from the browser. That is to say, if your Doc­u­men­tRoot di­rec­tory is /var/www and you in­stalled nCubed in /var/www/ lfy then you should open the ad­dress http://lo­cal­host/lfy. If you hDYH QRW FRQ­fiJXUHG sRPHWhLQJ ULJhW, WhH DXWRPDWHG FRQ­fiJXUDWLRQ checker will try to help you out.

YRX shRXOG sHH D ‘6WDUW’ SDJH shRZLQJ WhH FXUUHQW FRQ­fiJXUDWLRQ, de­tails about the frame­work and im­por­tant links to help you. It would also let you know of any other prob­lems de­tected— for in­stance, if you en­tered wrong pa­ram­e­ters for data­base FRQ­fiJXUDWLRQ, WhDW ZRXOG EH shRZQ hHUH Ds ZHOO. ,Q DGGLWLRQ, LI WhHUH DUH fiOH-sysWHP SHUPLssLRQ LssXHs, WhDW WRR Ls UHSRUWHG. 4CXEHG QHHGs SHUPLssLRQs WR FUHDWH DQG DOWHU fiOHs LQ FHUWDLQ GLUHFWRULHs ZhHUH LW ZRXOG SXW WhH CRGHJHQHG fiOHs. 7hH fiOH-sysWHP SHUPLssLRQ LssXHs DUH FhHFNHG GXULQJ WhH FRQ­fiJ-FhHFN Ds ZHOO! 2Q WhH ‘6WDUW’ SDJH, you get the link to run the Code­gen, so click on it. I rec­om­mend that you take a backup of the in­dex.php fiOH WhDW FRPHs DORQJ EHIRUH mod­i­fy­ing or re­plac­ing it with one of your own, as it con­tains im­por­tant links you would need time and again.

2QFH yRX hDYH FRQ­fiJXUHG WhH IUDPHZRUN ZLWh RQH GDWDEDsH, yRX FDQ DGG PRUH GDWDEDsHs WR yRXU DSS GH­fiQHG Ds DB_ CONNECTION_2, DB_CONNECTION_3 and so on. oe­mem­ber, how­ever, that sim­ply adding data­base con­nec­tions would not run Code­gen for all of them. vou need to add Code­gen pa­ram­e­ters for each of them in the code­gen_set­tings.xml fiOH (LQ WhH sDPH di­rec­tory), in which var­i­ous op­tions and their ef­fects have been

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