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An anal­y­sis of hir­ing trends has re­vealed that the de­mand for Perl ex­perts in the work­place is on the rise. oahul Soni, tech­ni­cal di­rec­tor, ThoughtBeat, Mum­bai, re­veals, “Perl, which has re­cently turned 25, when com­bined with CdI (Com­mon date­way In­ter­face) script­ing, be­comes more pow­er­ful and can do won­ders. In fact, it did gain mo­men­tum in the late 90s as a CdI script­ing lan­guage. I would say that wher­ever there is no Web in­ter­ac­tion, its per­for­mance is stu­pen­dous. If you talk about the salary trends, it is com­par­a­tively higher-than-av­er­age, but Perl may not be ideal for some ap­pli­ca­tions, po­ten­tially lim­it­ing job prospects.”

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