Get­ting back the start-up sound in OPENSUSE

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,f you are a hard core GNOME user of OpenSUSE, like me, then you def­i­nitely miss the lo­gin/start up sound. Un­like Ubunutu, OpenSUSE does not haYe a lo­gin sound, by de­fault. The lo­gin sound can be added by fol­low­ing the steps shown be­low.

Step 1: Re­name your au­dio file as ‘desk­top-lo­gin’. The file for­mat can be ei­ther .ogg or .oga file

Step 2: Now moYe your au­dio file to /usr/share/sounds/ freedesk­top/stereo/

You can­not do this un­til you gain a write per­mis­sion of the folder. Open your ter­mi­nal and type:

sudo chown -Rv user­name /usr/share/sounds/freedesk­top/stereo/

Then press En­ter. You’ll be prompted for the root pass­word, so proYide it, or else just copy the au­dio file to / usr/share/sounds/freedesk­top/stereo/ as a su­pe­ruser.

Step 3: Restart your com­puter. ,t will play your

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