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Adobe has an­nounced the launch of Adobe Blank, which is an open source font that for a spe­cial pur­pose font came up when a few de­vel­op­ment teams asked the Adobe Type Team to pro­duce a font that had all Uni­code code points cov­ered, and where all code points are ren­dered us­ing a non-spac­ing and non-mark­ing glyph.

The team soon re­alised that Adobe the right plat­form for de­vel­op­ing such a font. The two ma­jor pur­poses of this font, ac­cord­ing to de­vel­oper Joel Brandt, are: font-fall­back from kick­ing in be­fore the in­tended font can be ren­dered. Re­lated to this, us­ing the font al­lows one to de­tect when a Web font is ac­tu­ally loaded, If it’s greater than zero, it has.

An ex­am­ple of a real-world use for Adobe Blank is the Adobe Edge Web Fonts ex­ten­sion for Brack­ets, which is avail­able on GitHub.

Those who are in­ter­ested can down­load the font from Source­Forge and it will soon be on GitHub too.

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