An elec­tronic necklace for the techie woman

OpenSource For You - - INNOVATION -­eck­lace

Al­though just an ac­ces­sory, Adafruit’s iN­eck­lace is an ex­am­ple of how elec­tron­ics is en­ter­ing our life in so many strange yet in­ter­est­ing ways. Made for women who cel­e­brate art, science and tech­nol­ogy, the pul­sat­ing necklace fea­tures a puls­ing sim­i­lar to the ‘breath­ing’ LED pat­tern on many lap­top and com­puter sys­tems. The de­fault pat­tern is re­verse-en­gi­neered from Ap­ple’s ‘breath­ing’ LED on the Mac, MacBook and iMac.

The open twist: The iN­eck­lace is CNC ma­chined from fine alu­minium, with a screw- in back­ing. The pen­dant con­tains a cir­cuit board with pul­sat­ing LED and bat­tery. A sin­gle bat­tery can keep the de­vice puls­ing for over 72 hours. The iN­eck­lace hard­ware is com­pletely open source, so any­body can cre­ate their own ac­ces­sory or gadget us­ing the re­verse- en­gi­neered puls­ing tech­nol­ogy. The source code, cir­cuit board files, schemat­ics and CAD files are posted on GitHub ( https:// github. com/ adafruit/ iN­eck­lace).

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