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Gan­glia is a mon­i­tor­ing tool for high per­for­mance com­put­ing sys­tems such as pri­vate clouds, pub­lic clouds, clus­ters, and grids. The Gan­glia sys­tem con­tains: 1) two unique dae­mons, 2) a PHP-based Web front-end, and 3) other small pro­grams. Gmond, a multi threaded dae­mon, runs on each node to mon­i­tor changes in the host state, an­nounce ap­pli­ca­ble changes, lis­ten to the state of all Gan­glia nodes via a uni­cast or mul­ti­cast chan­nel based on in­stal­la­tion, and re­spond to re­quests. At reg­u­lar in­ter­vals, Gan­glia Meta Dae­mon polls a col­lec­tion of data sources, parses the XML, saves all met­rics to round-robin data­bases and ex­ports the ag­gre­gated XML. The Gan­glia Web front-end is writ­ten in PHP and uses graphs gen­er­ated by gmetad, and pro­vides the col­lected in­for­ma­tion like CPU util­i­sa­tion for the past day, week, month, or year.

Mul­ti­cast mode is the de­fault set­ting in Gan­glia in­stal­la­tion and is the sim­plest to set up, pro­vid­ing re­dun­dancy. Pub­lic Cloud En­vi­ron­ments such as Ama­zon's AWS EC2 do not sup­port mul­ti­cast, so uni­cast mode in­stal­la­tion is the only set-up op­tion avail­able. Eu­ca­lyp­tus is an open source prod­uct for build­ing AWS com­pat­i­ble pri­vate clouds; its open source ver­sion does not pro­vide built-in mon­i­tor­ing but that can be achieved with Gan­glia.

The Eu­ca­lyp­tus source pack­age in­cludes scripts that can be used with third party tools such as Gan­glia to en­able Eu­ca­lyp­tus

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