Google Play gets a fresh look

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,f you Dre D fDn of tKe Google PlDy Store, here’s news for you. The Store has got a revDPSed look Dnd tKe seDrcK gLDnt KDs rolled Lt out Ln tKe ,ndLDn PDr­ket too. TKe lDtest ver­sLon Ls 4.0.27. TKose wKo KDve not yet in­stalled the Play Store by us­ing Dn AP. cDn exSect Lt to re­flect on tKeLr An­droLd de­vLce DnytLPe now.

TKe re­desLgned store wDs first lDuncKed Ln tKe US DlPost two Pon­tKs bDck. SLnce tKen, tKe seDrcK gLDnt KDs been fixLng bugs Dnd KDs Dlso KDd two Pore PLnor releDses Ln SreSDrDtLon for tKe PegD releDse.

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