Mak­ing the Khan Acad­emy more ac­ces­si­ble

OpenSource For You - - INNOVATION -­jica.orgL The Khan Acad­emy is be­com­ing one of the most ac­claimed on­line con­tent li­braries, with many stu­dents trust­ing its lessons more than they trust their teacher. The sim­ple and easy to un­der­stand lessons with graphic rep­re­sen­ta­tions of al­most all con­cepts span­ning fields from physics to busi­ness are in­deed a boon even for adults who want to learn more. ff you ever felt that the Khan Acad­emy would be more use­ful in re­mote ar­eas than in ur­ban cen­tres, you’ll be happy to hear of KAJ Pi, a pro­ject that aims to take Khan Acad­emy con­tent to stu­dents who have no fn­ter­net con­nec­tiv­ity.

The open twist: KAJPi is a sim­ple, plugJandJ play server so­lu­tion to play the Khan Acad­emy videos where no fn­ter­net ac­cess is avail­able. By us­ing a green, lowJpower, small oasp­berry Pi com­puter, the so­lu­tion be­comes all the more ac­ces­si­ble. vou just need to down­load the KAJPi card im­age, burn it to a NS dB SD card and plug the card into your oasp­berry Pi. The card im­age in­cludes the op­er­at­ing sys­tem, a teb server and light­weight con­tent, mak­ing it a truly plug and play sys­tem. The con­tent can even be streamed to a lo­cal net­work. The con­tent, from ‘ Khan Acad­emy on a Stick’, com­prises sim­ple jPQ en­coded videos that will play on browsers, iPads, iPhones and An­droid de­vices with­out the use of clash. ‘ Khan Acad­emy on a Stick’ con­tent is open sourced us­ing a Creative Com­mons li­cence.

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