Apache Bench

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The eTTP server bench­mark­ing tool gives you an in­sight LnWR WKH SHUIRUPDnFH RI WKH ASDFKH VHUYHU. ,W VSHFL­fiFDOOy shows how many re­quests per sec­ond the server is ca­pa­ble of serv­ing. vou can use AB to sim­u­late con­cur­rent con­nec­tions and de­ter­mine if your site holds up. fn­stall Apache Bench on yRuU 8EunWu ODSWRS uVLng yRuU SDFNDgH PDnDgHU DnG fiUH WKH fol­low­ing com­mand from the ter­mi­nalW

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