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The sROXtLRQ hDs EeeQ desLJQed XsLQJ RSeQ sRXUFe teFhQRORJy. BDQeUMee desFULEes Lt LQ PRUe de­tDLO, “The FRUe is com­pletely open source and has been built us­ing gava teFhQRORJy Ds the FRUe de­veORSPeQt SODtIRUP. We Xse the Model Driven De­vel­op­ment (MDD) ap­proach that helps de­veORSeUs Ddd Qew PRdXOes tR the FRUe. ASDFhe TRPFDt is the ap­pli­ca­tion server. Users have the choice of us­ing PXOtLSOe RSeUDtLQJ sys­tePs, LQFOXdLQJ WLQdRws, tR DFFess the sys­tem. cor the databaseI we sup­port Post­greSnL or lr­a­cle. lpenbravo’s core ap­pli­ca­tion plat­form and re­lated open source mod­ules are re­leased un­der the lpenbravo Pub­lic Li­censeI a com­mer­cial open source li­cence that pro­vides users the full freedom to view and mod­ify the sRXUFe FRde wLthRXt FReUFLve UestULFtLRQs. ThLs OLFeQFe sup­ports our global open source com­mu­nity of thou­sands of open source en­thu­si­astsI boP con­sul­tantsI stu­dents and busi­ness part­nersI who col­lab­o­rate with lpenbravo’s de­vel­op­ment team to con­tin­u­ously de­velop and im­prove our core plat­form and busi­ness func­tion­al­ity. Peo­ple who in­vest their time and en­ergy in lpenbravo ap­pre­ci­ate the full freedom our li­cence pro­vides.”

ChRRsLQJ RSeQ sRXUFe teFhQRORJy RveU seveUDO pro­pri­etary vari­ants was a con­scious de­ci­sion made by the FRPSDQy. BDQeUMee exSODLQs, “WLthLQ the FRPSDQy, we be­lieved strongly in the open source phi­los­o­phy and this was backed by a strong busi­ness plan. All of which made us choose open source as the tech­nol­ogy for this prod­uct. 2SeQ sRXUFe JLves yRX the IUeedRP tR Ee IOexLEOe. We DUe not against pro­pri­etary so­lu­tions. But you al­ways need to re­mem­ber the value a strong com­mu­nity can bring to

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