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The JURwth RI RSeQ sRXUFe teFhQRORJy Ls FRXUtesy the cur­rent in­creased tech­no­log­i­cal aware­ness as well as sRFLR-eFRQRPLF FRQdLtLRQs. GRQe DUe the dDys wheQ FRPSDQLes hDd D tRXJh tLPe seOOLQJ RSeQ sRXUFeEDsed sROXtLRQs. The DwDUeQess hDs QRw SeQetUDted even to the lower lev­els of a com­pany’s man­age­ment teDP. CRPPeQtLQJ RQ the SRSXODULty RI RSeQ sRXUFe tech­nol­o­gyI Ban­er­jee saysI “I think we have moved past the time when open source was con­sid­ered a bur­den. , hDve QeveU Pet D sLQJOe C(2 whR Ls ERtheUed DERXt teFhQRORJy. The UeDsRQ tR LPSOePeQt (53 Ls tR PDNe the busi­ness more prof­itable. So the users are more keen on know­ing about the func­tion­al­i­ties rather than the tech­nol­ogy. In other wordsI I feel that in the cur­rent sRFLR-eFRQRPLF sFeQDULR, EeLQJ RSeQ sRXUFe-EDsed Ls an ad­van­tage that we en­joy.

“lpen source has def­i­nitely moved from the time wheQ Lts vDOXe wDs UeFRJQLsed RQOy Ey the ORQJ-hDLUed, URFN-ORvLQJ hDFNeUs. TRdDy, eveQ GDUtQeU Ls SUedLFtLQJ the exSRQeQtLDO JURwth RI RSeQ sRXUFe-EDsed EXsLQess ap­pli­ca­tions glob­ally. Peo­ple have un­der­stood the sim­plic­ity or the flex­i­bil­ity that open source brings to its user. Some of our largest cus­tomers have ac­tu­ally moved from their renowned pro­pri­etary sys­tems and opted for lpenbravo.”

BXt the URDd tR sXFFess wDs dLIILFXOt. WhLOe the com­pany cer­tainly en­joys the fruits of suc­cess to­dayI there were days when the team had a real chal­leng­ing time try­ing to con­vince peo­ple about the ba­sis of their so­lu­tion. lpenbravo chose to stick to open sourceI main­tain­ing its XQLqXe Dt­tULEXtes. BDQeUMee UePePEeUs, “The URDd tR thLs sXFFess wDs QRt eDsy. ,Q the LQLtLDO dDys, DURXQd 2008OM1MI I faced some ma­jor chal­lenges while propos­ing this open source so­lu­tion. I re­mem­ber some­one asked me whether his sys­tem could get hacked by any­one if he used open source. I think the is­sue was a mind­set prob­lem. lpen source ini­tially spread its wings in the form of UNIu. ThRse sys­tePs weUe dLIILFXOt IRU QRQ-teFhLes tR Xse. , think not many open source com­pa­nies felt the need to make the sys­tem user friendly. So ob­vi­ous­lyI there were sR PDQy Pyths DURXQd the teFhQRORJy. ThLs LssXe wDs weOO LdeQtLILed Ey ,sPDeO CLRUdLD, RXU FR-IRXQdeU, Dt D very early stage. So as a com­pa­nyI we made a huge ef­fort tR PDNe the SURdXFt sLPSOe tR Xse. TRdDy, RQe RI RXU Ney strengths is our sim­plic­ity.”

As far as In­dia is con­cernedI apart from the en­ter­pris­esI even SMbs are show­ing great in­ter­est in open source tech­nol­o­gyI in gen­eral. lpenbravo claims to have some of the cor­tune RMM com­pa­nies from In­dia as its cus­tomers. The (53 sROXtLRQ hDs sSUeDd Lts wLQJs tR seFtRUs OLNe UetDLO, PDQXIDFtXULQJ, dLstULEXtLRQ, tUDdLQJ DQd PDQy PRUe. The com­pany has also en­tered some niche mar­ket spa­ces like hatcheriesI dairy prod­uctsI man­u­fac­turingI jew­elleryI phar­maI re­tail and con­struc­tion.

The Xse RI RSeQ sRXUFe teFhQRORJy LQ 2SeQEUDvR hDd re­sulted in some real good cost sav­ings. Ban­er­jee claimsI “The sROXtLRQ Ls five tLPes PRUe FRst-eIIeFtLve wheQ com­pared to sim­i­lar pro­pri­etary boP so­lu­tions. lver­allI the prod­uct of­fers you a lower cost of own­er­shipI thus in­creas­ing the olI to a great ex­tent. lpenbravo also of­fers mul­ti­ple deSORyPeQt RStLRQs sXFh Ds RQ the FORXd, RQ-dePDQd DQd RQ-SUePLses. The RQ-SUePLses deSORyPeQt Xses PLQLPXP UesRXUFes whLOe the RQ-dePDQd DQd FORXd deSORyPeQt RStLRQ brings a great sav­ing on the over­all pric­ing of the prod­uct.”

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