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The label of the edge The size of the font The name of the font The colour of the font They style name The colour of the edge The length of the edge The di­rec­tion of the edge Draws a line that con­nects la­bels with their edges Op­tion value to de­note dif­fer­ent edges bold, dot­ted, filled, etc. white, black, blue, etc for­ward, back, both or none o or 1

al­phanu­meric be pre­sented in this part. The pre­sented schema is sim­ple; yet you can still un­der­stand how el­e­gant it is. By read­ing the draphviz code you can un­der­stand that lines be­gin­ning with the # char­ac­ter are com­ments.

The draphviz code for cre­at­ing cig­ure 1 is as fol­lows:

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