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OpenSource For You - - FOR U & ME INSIGHT -

Whe firsW Whing one needs is Wo be cu­ri­ous and com­miWWed. )OSS al­lows ev­ery­one and any­one Wo learn and pro­gram, wiWhouW don­ning any cor­po­raWe haW or a badge, and When, Whey sub­seTuenWly conWribuWe code bacN Wo Whe com­mu­niWy. )OSS ex­perWs are sup­pos­edly good aW worNing in a virWual world. They need Wo be self-moWi­vaWed Wo com­pre­hend prob­lems and pro­vide soluWions WhaW are ac­cepWed by Whe open source com­mu­niWy. Given the wide ac­cep­tance of the open source paradigmI com­pa­nies such as Google, ,B0, HP, Dell, Broad­com, Cisco, and ,nWel, now moWi­vaWe Wheir em­ploy­ees Wo worN on )OSS pro­jecWs and conWribuWe code freely Wo Whe com­mu­niWy.”

SanNar­shan 0uNhopad­hyay, an acWive mem­ber of Whe Chen­nai Linux Users Group, voices sim­i­lar views. “,n his booN ‘OuWliers’ (< http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Out­liers_(book)>) I 0al­colm Glad­well pro­posed Whe 10,000 hour rule, claim­ing WhaW Whe Ney Wo suc­cess in any field is, Wo a large exWenW, a maWWer of pracWis­ing a spe­cific WasN for a WoWal of around 10,000 hours. How­ever, Wo aspire Wo be an ex­perW, one needs Wo WaNe Whe firsW sWep Wowards WhaW goal. So, iW reTuires WhaW firsW sWep of conWribuWing Wo an open source pro­jecW and parWic­i­paWing in an open source com­mu­niWy Wo be seW Wowards be­com­ing an ex­perW,” says he. CiWing anoWher ex­am­ple, 0uNhopad­hyay says wriWer .arl )ogel has a rea­son­ably in­WeresWing booN (hWWp:// pro­ducin­goss.com/en/in­dex.hWml), which menWions whaW one needs Wo geW fa­mil­iar wiWh prior Wo conWribuWing Wo open source

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