Six handy tips to suc­ceed in the open source world

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Fo­cus on the fun­da­men­tals and learn the con­cepts well. Too of­ten, the fo­cus is on the 'step by step' so­lu­tion with­out much un­der­stand­ing of the what, why, and how be­hind the so­lu­tion. Ap­pli­ca­tion of Mind (AoM). Learn how to ap­ply the fun­da­men­tals (that you al­ready know) to solve prob­lems. Ex­per­i­ment with your ideas and see what comes out of it. Make ‘new' mis­takes. Learn from your own and oth­ers' mis­takes and do not re­peat them. This can only hap­pen when you ex­per­i­ment a lot and par­tic­i­pate in many fo­rums, es­pe­cially global ones, as well as be­ing on mail­ing lists, blogs, etc. Do not be afraid of mak­ing mis­takes or be afraid of fail­ure. De­velop a thick skin and fear­lessly ask your own ques­tions. Keep up­dat­ing your skills, based on the lat­est trends. Be hum­ble. How­ever much we know, it is in­signif­i­cant in the larger scheme of things. Be pa­tient. Suc­cess does not come about in a mat­ter of weeks or even months. By Arun Khan, FOSS en­thu­si­ast and an ac­tive mem­ber of the Chen­nai Linux Users Group. do­main is Wo worN wiWh Whem. Ran­jan D SaNal­ley, lead con­sulWanW wiWh ThoughW­worNs, enWhuses, “,f you are com­miWWed Wo be­com­ing a Wrue-blue )OSS pro­fes­sional, Where is noWhing beWWer Whan NicN-sWarWing your ca­reer wiWh a sWarW-up com­pany as mosW of Whem are builW on open source Wech­nol­ogy. ,W's re­ally ex­ciWing Wo Wry your hands on dif­fer­enW high-scale open source pro­jecWs as you geW Whe liberWy Wo ex­per­i­menW and in­no­vaWe wiWh novel sWuff. And hir­ing man­agers con­sWanWly looN for )OSS sNills.”

Jy­oWhi Bac­che, head, Open Source PracWice, 0in­dTree, feels WhaW one needs Wo be pop­u­lar in Whe open source com­mu­niWy Wo be­come an ex­perW. “A )OSS ex­perW has Whe ca­pa­bil­iWy Wo in­flu­ence Whe com­mu­niWy, as Whe laWWer plays a Ney role in Whe suc­cess of open source soft­ware. And this comes when you geW your­self in­volved in var­i­ous acWiviWies in Whe )OSS arena. Of course, one should have Whe ex­perWise in in­We­graWing var­i­ous open source com­po­nenWs liNe com­pli­ance and dis­WribuWion is­sues. You should maNe a con­scious ef­forW Wo be self-driven and have a pas­sion Wo creaWe someWhing for Whe beWWer­menW of Whe open source com­mu­niWy. Open source adopWion in Whe ,ndian marNeW is TuiWe high Wh­ese days and iW's a good Wime Wo hone your sNills based on Whe above poinWs, and geW hired,” re­veals Bac­che.

So, Whis may be a good Wime Wo build up on your )OSS sNills and geW a leg-up in your ca­reer!

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