Ex­e­cute a com­mand at the DOS prompt

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There are times when com­mand line util­i­ties are very handy, such as ipconfig, ping or writ­ing a small batch file. To ex­e­cute a com­mand at the DOS prompt, you can start the com­mand with ‘>’ (greater than) in­side Blaze, and you will get the com­mand prompt win­dow with the out­put.

An ad­di­tional cool fea­ture in Blaze is the recog­ni­tion of con­text (directory) that is open in Win­dows Ex­plorer. When you have the Ex­plorer win­dow open, the same CMD com­mand you ex­e­cute from Blaze, will be ex­e­cuted in the con­text of the cur­rent directory. For ex­am­ple, when you are in the ‘My Doc­u­ments’ folder and if you type:

…you will get a DOS win­dow with search re­sults from the doc­u­ments folder, which have the string ‘ubuntu’ in them.

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