Here’s what’s new in Linux 3.16

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The founder of Linux, Li­nus Tor­valds, an­nounced the re­lease of the sta­ble build of Linux 3.16 re­cently. This ver­sion is known as ‘Shuf­fling Zom­bie Ju­ror’ for de­vel­op­ers. There are a host of im­prove­ments and new fea­tures in this new sta­ble build of Linux. Th­ese in­clude new and im­proved driv­ers, and some com­plex in­te­gral im­prove­ments like a uni­fied con­trol hi­er­ar­chy. This new Linux 3.16 sta­ble ver­sion will be ideal for the Ubuntu Linux Ker­nel 14.10. LTS ver­sion users will get this up­date once the 14.10 ker­nel is re­leased.

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