Google launches open source cloud bench­mark­ing tool called Per­fKit

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Google has launched an open source cloud bench­mark­ing tool called Per­fKit. Google has de­scribed the tool as an “…ef­fort to de­fine a canon­i­cal set of bench­marks to mea­sure and com­pare cloud of­fer­ings.”

Cur­rently, the Per­fKit tool sup­ports Google’s own Com­pute En­gine, Ama­zon’s AWS and Mi­crosoft’s Azure clouds. Google has worked on the Per­fKit project with a team of more than 30 re­searchers, var­i­ous com­pa­nies and cus­tomers. The team in­cluded peo­ple from ARM, Canon­i­cal, Cisco, In­tel, Mi­crosoft, Rackspace and Red Hat.

There are some com­pa­nies like CloudHar­mony that of­fer cloud per­for­mance re­ports, though Google has pointed out that cloud per­for­mance eval­u­a­tion is not an easy task. Per­fKit can run around 20 bench­mark tests re­gard­ing CPU per­for­mance, data­base and net­work bench­marks.

Google says that the tool can also test end-to-end time, and it will pro­vi­sion new re­sources in the cloud. There is also a vi­su­al­i­sa­tion tool, called Per­fKit Ex­plorer, which can com­pare the re­sults. The in­dus­try be­lieves that the launch of this open source bench­mark­ing tool is a great move by Google.

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