Tips for book writ­ing

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Based on hard-earned ex­pe­ri­ence in writ­ing books, here is a list of some tips to get started with writ­ing your first book. Tip 1. Plan ahead and al­lo­cate time to write your book

Most first-time au­thors un­der­es­ti­mate the ef­fort re­quired to write a book. Here is a rule of thumb: if your ini­tial es­ti­mate is X months to write your book, make it 2X months—that would be a re­al­is­tic es­ti­mate of the time re­quired to com­plete writ­ing your book! Tip 2. It takes a team to write a book ­so find a coau­thor(s)

It typ­i­cally takes many months (some­times years) to

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