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As per the man page, htop is an ncurses- based process viewer in Linux. It is an im­prove­ment over top. In fact, you may stop us­ing top af­ter get­ting used to htop. It al­lows you to scroll ver­ti­cally and hor­i­zon­tally, so that you can see all the pro­cesses run­ning on the sys­tem along with the com­mands that ini­ti­ated the pro­cesses. Tasks can be fil­tered based on user ac­counts and a process can be killed within htop. This tool dis­plays the out­put in colour, but the dis­play for­mat of the process de­tails re­mains the same as in the out­put of the top com­mand.

The grep com­mand can be used to do the same task, but the per­for­mance of look is bet­ter. Its other use is that it can check the spell­ing of a word. Type the first few let­ters of any word that you want the spell­ing of and the com­mand will dis­play all the words start­ing with those let­ters.

Fig­ure 5: The com­mand

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