Set­ting up the devel­op­ment en­vi­ron­ment

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First, we need to set up a file struc­ture for our add-on, so let us begin by cre­at­ing a new folder on the com­puter. C:\DDG_ ad­don in our case is the add-on folder. Now, in­side that new folder, cre­ate a folder called con­tent.

In root di­rec­tory of our add-on folder, cre­ate two new empty text files, called in­stall.rdf and­i­fest, and in the con­tent folder, cre­ate a new empty text file called ui.xul and an empty JavaScript file logic.js You should end up with the fol­low­ing di­rec­tory struc­ture: in­stall.rdf­i­fest con­tent\ • logic.js • ui.xul

Here, the code is writ­ten in XML. The file con­sists of gen­eral in­for­ma­tion about the add-on such as its ver­sion num­ber, name, de­scrip­tion, the ver­sion of the Fire­fox browser it sup­ports, the cre­ator of the add-on, etc. sam­[email protected]­am­ is the ID of the ex­ten­sion. It can be your email ad­dress.

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