Set­ting up OpenShift

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OpenShift can be tried in var­i­ous modes, as listed be­low: The on­line ver­sion of OpenShift doesn’t re­quire any set­ting up. You should sign up for the ser­vice at https://­count/new. Once the ac­count is cre­ated, you can en­ter into the on­line in­ter­face to build your first ap­pli­ca­tion. OpenShift Ori­gin can be in­stalled lo­cally in a sys­tem. To do this, a pre­built im­age should be down­loaded from https:// mir­ror. openshift. com/ pub/ ori­gin- server/ re­lease/ 4/ images/ openshift- ori­gin. tgz. The im­age can be tried with Vir­tu­alBox or VMware. There is an al­ter­nate method of in­stal­la­tion us­ing Pup­pet, the de­tailed con­fig­u­ra­tion guide for which is at http:// docs. openshift. org/ ori­gin- m4/ oo_ de­ploy­ment_ guide_ pup­pet. html. If you pre­fer to in­stall OpenShift Ori­gin in your net­work, the in­struc­tions at https://mir­ror.openshift. com/pub/ori­gin-server/re­lease/4/images/open­shifto­ri­gin.tgz should be fol­lowed. The com­mand used is:

(For the Ori­gin ver­sion)

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