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Lguest is a very light­weight hy­per­vi­sor built into the Linux ker­nel. The core of Lguest is the driver mod­ule (named ‘lg’) avail­able from Linux ker­nel 2.6.23 and above. Lguest pro­vides para-vir­tu­alised so­lu­tions for Linux. The ‘lg’ driver mod­ule, dur­ing its ini­tial­i­sa­tion, al­lo­cates a chunk of mem­ory and maps to the ker­nel’s ad­dress space and a small hy­per­vi­sor is loaded into this mem­ory area. It also pro­vides a vir­tu­alised I/O sub­sys­tem. That be­ing said, it doesn’t pro­vide any of the fancy fea­tures other hy­per­vi­sors do; how­ever, it is a good op­tion when you need to de­velop and test the ker­nel boot. To play around with Lguest, users can take a look at the LWN ar­ti­cle[ The doc­u­men­ta­tion and down­load de­tails are found at http:// lguest. ozlabs. org/.

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