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This is a sim­ple au­dio player. It lists the mu­sic files in your de­vice as one big play list, and th­ese files are listed along with the cur­rent lo­ca­tions in a folder struc­ture. All you have to do is click on the name of the folder in which you have kept your mu­sic file and choose your favourite song to play. It has only four con­trol icons on the app. 1. Pause/Play 2. For­ward and back­ward 3. Scroll to the cur­rent song 4. Dis­able the lock screen

Aside from th­ese ba­sic con­trols, you can have op­tions like fold­ing or un­fold­ing your folder struc­ture, shak­ing your de­vice to play the next song, sort­ing your mu­sic files and sav­ing the song’s po­si­tion.

There’s no exit but­ton on this app, but you can click the ‘re­cent apps’ but­ton (i.e. the rec­tan­gu­lar but­ton in Mo­torola phones; other phones may have dif­fer­ent but­tons) on your de­vice and close the app. It will show the mes­sage ‘ SicMu Player is De­stroyed’ which as­sures you that the app isn’t run­ning in the back­ground with­out your knowl­edge.

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