View his­tory with­out line num­bers

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When we need to know which com­mand we ran pre­vi­ously, we use the His­tory com­mand. But, by de­fault, this gives you all your pre­vi­ous com­mands with line num­bers. His­tory is one of the most fre­quently used com­mands by sys­tems ad­min­is­tra­tors. Some­times we need to copy-paste or store th­ese com­mands into a file. But when we do this, we have to man­u­ally re­move those line num­bers and this be­comes rather an­noy­ing.

Here is a sim­ple trick that will re­move line num­bers from the com­mand list. All you need to do is pipe the His­tory com­mand with the Cut com­mand.

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