Gen­eral disk op­er­a­tion

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Scal­ing up the size: If a user wants more stor­age, it can get dif­fi­cult for you since this type of stor­age doesn’t sup­port disk oper­a­tions like re­siz­ing (es­pe­cially on­line re­siz­ing) and you can’t un­mount or put the stor­age off­line. Us­ing a small trick and with a bit of ma­nip­u­la­tion, how­ever, you can achieve this. Just fol­low the ex­act pro­ce­dure I have out­lined. Sup­pose a user wants his space to be in­creased by 1GB (i.e., 2GB to­tal), then you first need to in­crease the size of the file by 1GB. For that you can use the same trun­cate tool, since it works on al­ready cre­ated files and also cre­ates the file of the de­sired size.

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