Flat De­sign

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Flat De­sign is a min­i­mal­ist UI de­sign genre, or de­sign lan­guage, cur­rently used in var­i­ous graph­i­cal user in­ter­faces (such as web­sites or Web ap­pli­ca­tions). Flat De­sign is a style of in­ter­face de­sign with­out any stylis­tic el­e­ments that gives the il­lu­sion of three di­men­sions (such as ex­ces­sive use of drop shad­ows, gra­di­ents or tex­tures) and is fo­cused on a min­i­mal­ist use of sim­ple el­e­ments, ty­pog­ra­phy and flat colours. De­sign­ers may pre­fer Flat De­sign be­cause it al­lows in­ter­face de­signs to be more stream­lined and ef­fi­cient. It makes it eas­ier to quickly con­vey in­for­ma­tion while still look­ing vis­ually ap­peal­ing and ap­proach­able. It also makes it eas­ier to de­sign an in­ter­face that is re­spon­sive to changes in browser size across dif­fer­ent de­vices. With min­i­mal de­sign el­e­ments, web­sites are able to load faster and re­size eas­ily, and still look sharp on high­def­i­ni­tion screens. As a de­sign ap­proach, it is of­ten con­trasted to skeuo­mor­phism and rich de­sign. (Though it should be noted that Flat De­sign can and does use skeuo­morphs just as much

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