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On com­plet­ing a suc­cess­ful test run, Vd­bench cre­ates the fol­low­ing HTML files. Sum­mary.html – Re­ports the to­tal work­load gen­er­ated for each in­ter­val. To­tals.hml – Re­ports only the to­tal with­out de­tailed in­ter­val in­for­ma­tion. Log­file.html – Re­ports Vd­bench log­ging in­for­ma­tion for de­bug­ging. Ks­tat.html – ks­tat statis­tics (only on So­laris). His­togram.html – Re­ports dis­tri­bu­tion of re­sponse times for both reads and writes com­bined. Flat­file.html – Per­for­mance data file, which can be used to gen­er­ate per­for­mance charts.

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