Tra­di­tional vs SDN based fire­walls

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Here are a few dif­fer­ences between tra­di­tional and SDN based fire­walls: In­ter­nal traf­fic is not seen and can­not be fil­tered by a tra­di­tional fire­wall. An SDN based fire­wall works both as a packet fil­ter and a pol­icy checker. The first packet goes through the con­troller and is fil­tered by the SDN fire­wall. The sub­se­quent pack­ets of the flow di­rectly match the flow pol­icy de­fined in the con­troller. The fire­wall pol­icy is cen­trally de­fined and en­forced at the con­troller.

At the spec­i­fied switch, block all traf­fic com­ing from host, if the packet’s TOS is marked with 32 and it’s des­tined for At the spec­i­fied switch, re­di­rect traf­fic des­tined for and, in­stead, send it to

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