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Mafiree pro­vides man­aged ser­vices for the MySQL data­base server so­lu­tions such as com­mu­nity ver­sion of MySQL, Mari­aDB, Per­cona and Post­gres, as well as NoSQL of­fer­ings like Mon­goDB, Cas­san­dra and CouchDB. It also de­liv­ers ser­vices to man­age and mon­i­tor Web and ap­pli­ca­tion servers, mail servers, caching servers and of­fers de­vel­op­men­tal sup­port for the LAMP stack. Ba­si­cally, it sup­ports ev­ery­thing on top of the LAMP stack. It helps cus­tomers to de­sign and re-en­gi­neer open source so­lu­tions to suit their var­i­ous chang­ing re­quire­ments. It also helps cus­tomers to bench­mark the so­lu­tion that is pro­posed. Apart from all this, it en­ables cus­tomers to mi­grate their data­base from Or­a­cle to MySQL/Post­gres, from MsSQL to MySQL/ Post­gres, from DB2 to MYSQL/Post­gres, from RDBMS to Mon­goDB/CouchDB/Cas­san­dra or from Mon­goDB/ CouchDB/Cas­san­dra to MySQL/Post­gres.

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