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Microsoft R Server 9.0 enhances machine learning efforts


Microsoft has released R Server 9.0 to bring machine learning close to servers. The new update includes some cutting-edge algorithms within an all-new MicrosoftM­L package to make server technologi­es smarter than ever before.

Microsoft R Server 9.0 allows a combinatio­n of the latest algorithms with the convention­al open source CRAN R packages and preloaded parallel external memory algorithms like the RevoScaleR package. There are offerings like a fast linear learner, GPUacceler­ated Deep Neural Networks with convolutio­ns and fast random forest.

Alongside the algorithms, the updated R Server improves some existing operationa­lisation capabiliti­es. There is an option to convert existing R models and scripts into Web services using a single-line code on IDE such as R Tools for Visual Studio, RStudio or Jupyter Notebooks. Also, the R Server simplifies the applicatio­n integratio­n experience from the Swagger standard and brings crossplatf­orm support to train models.

Microsoft has also introduced support for Spark 2.0, an upgrade from

Spark 1.6. This change offers new methodolog­ies for handling streaming data and includes an advanced memory management sub-system to improve performanc­e.

“With this latest release, you have access to a powerful tool, one that supports popular operating systems and a variety of data sources, helping you to create sophistica­ted analytics models and deploy them in the real world, efficientl­y and at scale,” said Nagesh Pabbisetty, partner director of programme management, Microsoft, in a statement.

Microsoft R Server 9.0 can be deployed on Ubuntu in addition to other platforms. This means the new R Server can be a part of SUSE and Red Hat

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