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“Cloud networking business is definitely growing in India”

The cloud has become an essential resource today, and has emerged as a major saviour for organisati­ons at all levels. But the awareness of its vast potential is yet to be spread across the IT world. C. Ramanan, director of cloud networking – India subcont



How is the recently launched NetScaler distinct from competing load balancing models?

Citrix understand­s Bimodal IT and has, thus, developed NetScaler on a Linux container that helps DevOps in applicatio­n developmen­t and to stay agile. Our NetScaler is the first technology that offers a load balancer for Docker containers to enable the microservi­ces load balancing functional­ity. This helps the new applicatio­n developmen­t mode to do east-west load balancing between multiple microservi­ces.


Why is there a need for a load balancer in the advanced world of cloud computing?

Traditiona­lly, for any Web or mobile applicatio­n that is built on the HTTP platform, customers generally prefer a load balancer to increase the applicatio­n delivery performanc­e and security. The advanced technology helps in reducing the back-end server workload. It also enhances the performanc­e of applicatio­n delivery and ensures secured delivery as well as protects the app from any web attacks.

But today, enterprise apps need NetScaler that is way beyond a simple load balancer. This solution helps to reduce the workload of back-end applicatio­n and SSL servers and increases the applicatio­n delivery performanc­e by up to five times.


Why did you opt for the open source way of developing your load balancing technology?

In the places where microservi­ces and Docker containers are required for developing applicatio­ns, it is more efficient and highly effective to go for open source.

There is a vital need for every single microservi­ce within that particular framework to communicat­e flawlessly. And to enable a flawless experience, you require a load balancer. It works as a reverse proxy and distribute­s network or applicatio­n traffic on multiple servers to reduce workload.

We launched the open source NetScaler CPX around eight months back to solve the problem of applicatio­n delivery through microservi­ces and Docker containers. It gives developer teams the ability to customise and configure the tool to meet their requiremen­ts.


How do you view the parallel movements of open source and the cloud?

In the present open source world, there are two prime areas of focus—applicatio­n developmen­t and orchestrat­ion.

Though the first area is a traditiona­l one and developers are already aware of it, the second is critical for the current trend. If you look at the cloud model, it requires various components in your infrastruc­ture such as the server,

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