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CloudYuga debuts with a MOOC on containers


As containers are becoming the next big thing in the world of applicatio­n developmen­t, Indian open source enthusiast, Neependra Khare, has launched his training and consulting startup, CloudYuga, to make things easier for Indian students and profession­als.

CloudYuga offers training and consultati­on on various container solutions such as Docker, Rkt and Kubernetes. The first massive open online course (MOOC) that comes from CloudYuga is called ‘Container Fundamenta­ls’, and it aims to give participan­ts a foundation in container technologi­es by covering their history as well as building blocks and runtimes.

“The idea behind Container Fundamenta­ls is to build a MOOC platform for container technology, where one can learn everything about containers,” said Khare, who was a principal software engineer at Red Hat before establishi­ng CloudYuga. The course delivers a handson experience to participan­ts, since CloudYuga’s partnershi­p with DigitalOce­an enables it to offer on-demand labs for each participan­t.

Instead of choosing an existing MOOC provider like Udemy, CloudYuga has built its own course platform. “We wanted to have complete control over our training material and student records. The course material will receive regular updates, and we will be interactin­g with students directly to get feedback and to share informatio­n,” Khare said.

Those interested do not need to have any prior knowledge about containers to join the MOOC. Basic Linux experience is fair enough. Khare revealed that even with just one MOOC being offered initially, CloudYuga has received a good amount of registrati­ons and community members are supporting the platform.

“Kudos to CloudYuga School for bringing a self-paced learning platform for container enthusiast­s to keep abreast of the latest changes in the container space,” wrote Docker captain Ajeet S. Raina in a testimonia­l on the CloudYuga website.

CloudYuga charges US$ 99 for the complete course, which includes video sessions and text tutorials. Open Source For You readers can use the code ‘CYOSFU40’ and get a 40 per cent discount on each sign-up.

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