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Mirantis containeri­ses OpenContra­il within OpenStack ecosystem


Active OpenStack contributo­r, Mirantis, has containeri­sed OpenContra­il. Containeri­sing and supporting OpenContra­il will help the California-based company grow into a ‘onestop support shop’ for all popular open source technologi­es used with OpenStack.

OpenContra­il is a widely used SDN platform that simplifies OpenStack cloud management for administra­tors. The rate at which software-defined networking is evolving, administra­tors may soon have to develop skillsets specifical­ly for OpenContra­il. The platform works as an extensible system for cloud networking and network function virtualisa­tion. This would help Mirantis grow its presence in the OpenStack world.

“OpenContra­il is an essential project within the OpenStack community, and Mirantis is smart to containeri­se and commercial­ly support it. The work our team is doing will make it easy to scale and update OpenContra­il and perform seamless rolling upgrades alongside the rest of Mirantis OpenStack,” said Jakub Pavlik, Mirantis’ director of engineerin­g and OpenContra­il advisory board member. Recently, Mirantis acquired TCP Cloud. This acquisitio­n is expected to enable managed services for OpenContra­il, Kubernetes and OpenStack. The commercial support by Mirantis will also make OpenContra­il compatible with a number of network switches.

According to a recent IDC report, the SDN market will be valued at US$ 12.5 billion by 2020. Mirantis could use OpenContra­il to launch itself in this space.

Licensed under Apache 2.0, OpenContra­il is built using standard protocols. The open source project has all the necessary components for networking virtualisa­tion. It has an SDN controller, an analytics engine, published northbound APIs and a virtual router.

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